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Design to Print offers in house or on line training for all levels across the supply chain.

The main aim of this is to give people a little more insight into everything from concept to shelf. This covers all areas, some people will know parts and others won’t but may well have heard of in their day to day work.


What is the difference between a print specification and a print profile?

Why and how is a press fingerprinted?

What are the different processes and what are they used for?


Training is best done in groups (8 maximum) to encourage questions and debate, but can be done on an individual basis.

This is not “heavy” technical training, but more an insight for people working in the packaging supply chain, and things they may often hear about.


Where there are specifics that a client would like more information on, then the modular system allows this to be easily added.


Training is very interactive, encouraging debate, interesting and fun.